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Superior Mexican Cuisine
& Drinks

Superior Mexican Cuisine
& Drinks

Cacerolas con Comida
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Enjoy our both traditional and delicious Mexican dishes, crafted by our "seasoned" chefs and cooks. Our menu is loaded with a variety of Mexican succulent options, such as quesadillas,  flautas, guacamole, fajitas, empanadas, ceviche, tacos and nachos. 


Come and try our delicious cocktails specially prepared by our experts baristas. Our perfect mixes will take you to that relaxed place you want to be, either in weekdays or weekends. Rest assured that you will be amazed by our colors and flavors!


Take a first glance of our traditional and all of our own creation's Mexican dishes. You will be transported to the flavor spot you're looking for here in our restaurant. 

Let your taste buds be delighted by the variety of flavors from the Mexican cuisine.

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Tequila Menu - Don Tequila Urban Cantina

A  Tradition  of  Flavor

Tequila Garden
Mexican food

Don Tequila Urban Cantina proudly presents the Mexican heritage cuisine in its most delectable menu items, carefully crafted by expert chefs and garnished with love for our customers and

passion in every plate served. Our tacos, quesadillas,

guacamole, fajitas, nachos, soups, seafood, grilled

steaks & decadent desserts are second to none!

Our mixology experts at the bar are capable to

amaze you with the most extraordinary cocktails from

the traditional Frozen Margarita to Long Island Tea and more!

Aztec Strip
Aztec Strip
Aztec Strip
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Our history is your history...

Queens Gazette Article
Aztec Strip
Aztec Strip
Tequila Garden
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Mexican Food
Interior - Bar
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Thank You!

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Freedom Reads
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Queens, New York

Mixology Challenge


Dare to challenge our experienced bar tenders for the cocktail of your preference....or create a new one together!!

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